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Welcome to Me (2014)

…fortune in the production of a television talk show whose topic is herself. Ironically or not, the film opens with a Montaigne’s sentence that starts: ‘I studied myself more than… Continue reading

Fighters (2014)

Directed by: Thomas CailleyCountry: France Movie Review: Debutant filmmaker Thomas Cailley did a respectable job in “Fighters” (also known by the moronic title “Love at First Fight”), a… Continue reading

Far From Men (2014)

Directed by: David OelhoffenCountry: France Movie Review: Loosely adapted from Albert Camus’ existentialist short story “The Guest”, “Far From Men” is probably the most generous tale I’ve seen lately on… Continue reading

Pasolini (2014)

Directed by: Abel FerraraCountry: Italy / France / others Movie Review: After a very personal and stinging recreation of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case in “Welcome to New York”,… Continue reading

Animals (2014)

Directed by: Collin SchiffliCountry: USA Movie Review: The versatile American actor David Dastmalchian writes, produces, and stars in “Animals”, the directorial debut from Collin Schiffli with whom he… Continue reading

Good Kill (2014)

Directed by: Andrew NiccolCountry: USA Movie Review: ‘Splash!’ and ‘Good Kill!’ are the most common expressions used by the US Air Force drone pilots when they remotely blow… Continue reading

Gueros (2014)

Directed by: Alonso Ruiz PalaciosCountry: Mexico Movie Review: It’s impossible not to feel some empathy with “Gueros”, a very Mexican experience with a touch of the 60’s French… Continue reading

Every Secret Thing (2014)

Directed by: Amy BergCountry: USA Movie Review: “Every Secret Thing” starts holding our attention by presenting a promising package of drama and crime, but sooner than we expected… Continue reading

Alex of Venice (2014)

Directed by: Chris MessinaCountry: USA Movie Review: The true-to-life and unsentimental “Alex of Venice” works both as a character study and family drama. Even if not always cohesive… Continue reading

5 Flights Up (2014)

Directed by: Richard LoncraineCountry: USA Movie Review: Film director, Richard Loncraine, author of extraneous films such as “Wimbledon” and “Firewall”, takes boring routes to tell the story of an… Continue reading