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Welcome to Me (2014)

…fortune in the production of a television talk show whose topic is herself. Ironically or not, the film opens with a Montaigne’s sentence that starts: ‘I studied myself more than… Continue reading

Corn Island (2014)

…to the few local inhabitants who cultivate corn from spring to fall in order to subsist the extreme winter cold. The diligent direction of Mr. Ovashvili together with the astounding… Continue reading

Jackie and Ryan (2014)

…soft tones, which are never subjected to a variation along the story. Ben Barnes plays Ryan Brenner, a musician that travels in an open freight car, in winter, heading to… Continue reading

Manglehorn (2014)

Directed by: David Gordon GreenCountry: USA Movie Review: Al Pacino is A.J. Manglehorn, an aging Texan locksmith who lives embittered in the company of his old cat since… Continue reading

She’s Lost Control (2014)

Directed by:Directed by: Anja MarquardtCountry: USA Movie Review: Anja Marquardt’s directorial debut is a slippery, low-budget indie drama, set in New York, which is unable to suppress a… Continue reading

Shrew’s Nest (2014)

Directed by: Juanfer Andres, Esteban RoelCountry: Spain / France Movie Review: Executive producer, Alex de la Iglésia, presents a psychological horror film, set in ‘50s Spain, about two… Continue reading

Eden (2014)

Directed by: Mia Hansen-LoveCountry: France Movie Review: “Eden” is a poignant drama that plausibly evokes the Parisian electronic dance music of the 90’s, being the fourth feature from… Continue reading

Love and Mercy (2014)

Directed by: Bill PohladCountry: USA Movie Review: “Love & Mercy” is an American biopic about Brian Wilson, the genius behind the Californian surf-rock band formed in the 60’s,… Continue reading

As the Gods Will (2014)

Directed by: Takashi MiikeCountry: Japan Movie Review: Prolific and talented, but often inconsistent, is how I see the Japanese film director Takashi Miike, who recently launched “As the… Continue reading

She’s Funny That Way (2014)

Directed by: Peter BogdanovichCountry: USA Movie Review: Peter Bogdanovich, the veteran director known for admirable classics such as “Targets”, “The Last Picture Show”, “What’s Up Doc?” and “Paper… Continue reading