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Bad Hair (2014)

Directed by: Mariana RondónCountry: Venezuela / others Movie Review: Set in a decadent neighborhood in Venezuela, “Bad Hair” tells the story of Junior (Samuel Lange Zambrano), a sensitive… Continue reading

As the Gods Will (2014)

…level to level. Its absurd episodes include a big cat in a gym, eating students dressed as rats and yelling ‘scratch me more, meow’; a flying white cube that could… Continue reading

She’s Funny That Way (2014)

Directed by: Peter BogdanovichCountry: USA Movie Review: Peter Bogdanovich, the veteran director known for admirable classics such as “Targets”, “The Last Picture Show”, “What’s Up Doc?” and “Paper… Continue reading

Amour Fou (2014)

Directed by: Jessica HausnerCountry: Austria / others Movie Review: The contemporary Austrian filmmaker and screenwriter, Jessica Hausner, gives signs of a progressively remarkable career that became more noticeable… Continue reading

A Pigeon Sat on a Brach Reflecting on Existence (2014)

…viewers and a horrible experience for others. Anderson continues relying on the absurdity of the situations created, often resorting in the repetition of ideas to become funny – the sentence… Continue reading

Still (2014)

Directed by: Simon BlakeCountry: UK Movie Review: “Still”, Simon Blake’s debut as writer-director, is a drama in the guise of thriller that didn’t succeed neither as a piece of… Continue reading

Gueros (2014)

Directed by: Alonso Ruiz PalaciosCountry: Mexico Movie Review: It’s impossible not to feel some empathy with “Gueros”, a very Mexican experience with a touch of the 60’s French… Continue reading

Aloft (2014)

Directed by: Claudia LlosaCountry: Canada / Spain / others Movie Review: Claudia Llosa, the extremely gifted Peruvian filmmaker, whose previous films, “Madeinusa” and “The Milk of Sorrow”, cast… Continue reading

Uncertain Terms (2014)

Directed by: Nathan SilverCountry: USA Movie Review: Independent American film director, Nathan Silver (“Soft in the Head”), who briefly pops up as an actor, just needed 75 minutes… Continue reading

Love and Mercy (2014)

Directed by: Bill PohladCountry: USA Movie Review: “Love & Mercy” is an American biopic about Brian Wilson, the genius behind the Californian surf-rock band formed in the 60’s,… Continue reading