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The Best of… Slasher Flicks!

…a Best of list that didn’t leave some very deserving titles out in the cold. We debated, shuffled, and added and dropped titles to and from this list, until we… Continue reading

The Best of… Found Footage!

…as scares go. Those are the bad ones. Below, we’ve tried to cull the absolute best “Footage” movies from the hundreds and hundreds that are out there, which was no… Continue reading

Our TV Release Dates List Has Been Updated Through October!

…a partial glimpse at what shows are premiering over the next few months, so be sure to check out our full TV Release Dates List to find out what’s playing… Continue reading

The Best of… Haunted House Movies!

…which got us to thinking that we should just make a list of the 30 or so of the best Haunted House flicks that we’ve seen. Then we got to… Continue reading

The A-List

Eric Schultz, the most popular student at Lake O’Dell High School, is coerced by his guidance counselor, Sylvia Martin, into fulfilling a list of her high school fantasies… Continue reading

The Best of… Vampire Horror!

…movies like Salem’s Lot, Fright Night, and The Lost Boys were our vampire classics. In that way, this list will be more subjective than most, at least for us.  We… Continue reading

The Best of… Post-Apocalyptic Horror!

…ones that stray too far from our Horror purview tend to be terrifying in their own right. Putting this list together meant including some of those types of movies, but… Continue reading

The Best of… Horror Comedies!

As nasty and terrifying as Horror movies are in general, they can also be a bit absurd to a point. When a movie comes along and decides to… Continue reading

The Best of… Space Horror!

…a bit liberal with the titles that we included on this list. Below, you’ll find a few movies that lean more towards the Sci-Fi side of things, as well as… Continue reading

Blu-ray & DVD Releases: The Digital Dread Report for June 23rd!

…girl trying to survive Summer Camp… this is The Digital Dread Report for June 23rd! The first four movies on this week’s list fall into the sacred Must Own category… Continue reading