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VOD Review: The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence (2015)

old ground in far worse ways, because he’s got nothing else to give us. Maybe he tried to do something radically different with this movie, and make an artistic statement… Continue reading

VOD Review: Unfriended (2015)

…positively to. And that’s basically what it was. I’m a bit baffled at how so many Horror Critics raved or even semi-raved about this movie. Personal tastes aside, Unfriended wasn’t… Continue reading

10 Movies For You to Watch on Mother’s Day!

Because what mother doesn’t want to watch a bunch of gory, disturbing, nasty Horror movies on their special day? The Horror Genre has given us plenty of compelling… Continue reading

VOD Review: Bound to Vengeance (2015)

…more like an attention-grabber for Social Media than anything else, and we don’t want to see that preachy, misguided SJW shit in the movies that we watch. In the case… Continue reading

Theatrical Review: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

…Road is; a masterpiece. The phrase “Best Post-Apocalyptic movie ever made” matters a lot too, because Fury Road is that, as well. Fell free to read the entire review if… Continue reading

10 of the Best (and Worst) Horror Movie Fathers of All-Time!

…closer to eating him (and everyone else around them), he loved her too much to quit on her. Until the very end, at least. If this movie doesn’t mess with… Continue reading

Theatrical Review: Maggie (2015)

…go. It’s a drama, surrounded by some Horror elements, the most horrific of which ends up being heartbreak. This is the type of movie where you have a box of… Continue reading

Quick VOD Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

movie is, that’s a pretty impressive feat in our eyes. And like everyone else who has seen Kingsman, the Church scene was probably our favorite. As much of a focus… Continue reading

VOD Review: Dark Was the Night (2015)

…even his role as one of the crazy Tremor Brothers in Smokin’ Aces, but he’s been showing up in great movies and TV Shows for the last 15 years, and… Continue reading

Blu-ray Review: Re-Animator (1985)

…the electrified performance of Jeffrey Combs, but there is no doubt that Stuart Gordon deserves a ton of credit for creating such an outlandish movie, especially back in the 80’s… Continue reading