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Hannibal has been cancelled. Please allow us to rant.

…Show. In fact, I’ve seen R-Rated Horror movies that were less graphic than this show is, and this is Network TV we’re talking abut here. Their edgiest content usually falls… Continue reading

What’s New on VOD this Week? A LOT!

There are 8 movies of note hitting VOD outlets this week, and if you can’t find at least one amongst them that you want to watch, then you… Continue reading

Theatrical Review: Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)

…in in creating over the past decade or so (he wrote Saw 1-3 (produced 2-7), Dead Silence, all of the Insidious movies, & Cooties) that this is his first time… Continue reading

R.I.P. Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

…all else, he seemed like an awesome guy in general. He loved movies, and he loved making them for folks like us who needed an escape from reality:   “We… Continue reading

Let Loose the Dogs of Horror!

We’ve done a few posts about the Cats of Horror movies, so why not give some love to the dogs? Cujo up there may be the most famous… Continue reading

VOD Review: The Lazarus Effect (2015)

…Sarah Bolger, Evan Peters, and Donald Glover. We’ve seen an awful lot of bad movies in our time, and there never seems to be a shortage of them out there,… Continue reading

Import Review: When Animals Dream (2015)

…well-made movie that puts a quiet twist on the Werewolf sub-genre, which was nice to see. Truly great “Were” movies aren’t exactly a common thing, you know. This is also… Continue reading

What’s New on VOD for the Week Ending 5/8?

…quality choices at your fingertips, isn’t it? *Be sure to click the pics below to view the trailers, and/or rent the movies, an don;t forget to click the banner above… Continue reading

Theatrical Review: Poltergeist (2015)

We’ve come to accept that remakes are a big thing in Hollywood, and in the Horror Genre especially. People want what’s familiar, and Hollywood wants to make moviesContinue reading

What’s New on VOD for the week Ending 6/6?

June kicks off with a bang on the VOD front, giving us one of our favorite movies of 2015 (Grizzly Maze), and one of our most anticipated moviesContinue reading