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10 Movies For You to Watch on Mother’s Day!

boys have manners… even if they are little savages sometimes. Aside from keeping her boys safe, all Mother Koffin really wants is the money that has been pilfered from them… Continue reading

VOD Review: These Final Hours (2015)

its sadder aspects absolutely worth enduring. If you really want to have yourself a fun Double Feature, watch this one back-to-back with Maggie; just make sure you have some Kleenex… Continue reading

VOD Review: We Are Still Here (2015)

it’s better that way. THIS GUY RIGHT HERE… Suffice it to say that it’s not long before Anne and Paul (and a few of their closest friends) are pulled into… Continue reading

Theatrical Review: Poltergeist (2015)

going to stop. That being said, if Hollywood is going to endlessly remake the hit movies & TV shows of yesteryear, then they could at least put more care into… Continue reading

Quick Review: Anarchy Parlor (2015)

say “Man, if I ever get to Europe, I’m partying in Lithuania!” at one point in their lives? While partying, they meet a hot Finnish chick named Uta, who is… Continue reading

R.I.P. Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

Dracula. He was a Bond Villain. He was a Sith. He was Saruman. He was Sherlock Holmes. He was Lord Summerisle. He was in more than 280 movies, 20 of… Continue reading

Theatrical Review: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

…you want to know what in the world possessed us to use a world like masterpiece in refernce to an action flick like this, but just know this; Mad Max:… Continue reading

VOD Review: The Lazarus Effect (2015)

Sarah Bolger, Evan Peters, and Donald Glover. We’ve seen an awful lot of bad movies in our time, and there never seems to be a shortage of them out there,… Continue reading

The Marine 4: Moving Target

…be blowing the whistle on want her dead and send an elite squad of mercenaries to kill her: ambushing the convoy that is supposed to be transporting her to safety… Continue reading

VOD Review: Burying the Ex (2015)

with that unique Dante brand of whimsy that made his Gremlins movies so enjoyable. I’ve also seen interviews with the cast exclaiming how they basically wanted to make this movie… Continue reading