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The Cut (2014)

…falls short of its dramatic ambitions. Tahar Rahim’s performance failed to be compelling, while talented Mr. Akin was never so boring before, evincing an embarrassing lack of vision. Always Watch… Continue reading

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

…Ultron” probably will count with the support of the most enthusiastic Marvel fans, however, I was far from being seduced by its stunts and twirls. Always Watch Good Movies… Continue reading

Fighters (2014)

…Haenel’s performance was colossal and “Fighters”, despite its many charms, sinned for lacking more ambition and for not having explored the adventure a bit further. Always Watch Good Movies… Continue reading

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015)

…heroin addiction, illness, and depression. The film is elevated in its final part when his life with Courtney Love, likewise a drug-abuser, is nakedly presented. Throbbing with energy and ultimately sad,… Continue reading

Adult Beginners (2014)

Directed by: Ross KatzCountry: USA Movie Review: The half-hearted dramedy, “Adult Beginners”, about a flopped entrepreneur turned babysitter and the relationships within the family, was Ross Katz’s feature-length directorial… Continue reading

Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates for May-June!

…older the year gets, the better its Blu-ray releases get: a completely re-mastered, 1080p version of  The Wire, Madman, Spring, Dog Soldiers, Scarecrows, Society, Cannibal Ferox, that Ghosthouse/Witchery 2-Pack… and… Continue reading

Theatrical Review: Maggie (2015)

…hard I tried, the words just weren’t coming. In that way, creativity sucks; when it’s working, it flows like a waterfall, but when it isn’t, it’s like looking for a… Continue reading

Every Secret Thing (2014)

…was poorly done, starting with the messed-up plot and crooked details, going through a disintegrated structure and melancholic undertones, and finishing in its unappealing dark images. A couple of twists… Continue reading