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VOD Review: Bound to Vengeance (2015)

more like an attention-grabber for Social Media than anything else, and we don’t want to see that preachy, misguided SJW shit in the movies that we watch. In the case… Continue reading

10 Movies For You to Watch on Mother’s Day!

her for wanting to kill the people who let her baby boy drown, although technically she already did that back in 1958, so all of those kids that she killed… Continue reading

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for July 28th

in the bottom half this week that makes us want to spend our money, but we can say that Cherry 3000 and Zone Troopers are fun, schlocky, 80’s throwbacks, as… Continue reading

VOD Review: These Final Hours (2015)

WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO GO TO THAT PARTY? A TERRIFIED KID, THAT’S WHO. The girl’s name is Rose, and she’s been separated from her Father. James, still wanting to party,… Continue reading

Theatrical Review: Poltergeist (2015)

We’ve come to accept that remakes are a big thing in Hollywood, and in the Horror Genre especially. People want what’s familiar, and Hollywood wants to make movies… Continue reading

VOD Review: We Are Still Here (2015)

a supernatural land war, where the ghosts want to evict the living from their home, and lay claim to it for themselves! Burnt vengeance ensues. THEY ARE STILL HERE… AND… Continue reading

Quick Review: Anarchy Parlor (2015)

late. We could almost live with its bland, generic storyline, if it weren’t for the fact that most of the characters made us want to claw our own eyes out…. Continue reading

R.I.P. Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

as it is. When you live in a world like that, what do you want? You want to escape, to get out of this world from time to time, into… Continue reading

VOD Review: The Lazarus Effect (2015)

…well, but you’d think by this point they’d want their output to be a little better from a quality standpoint. It seems like for every good movie they release, we… Continue reading

Theatrical Review: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

…you want to know what in the world possessed us to use a world like masterpiece in refernce to an action flick like this, but just know this; Mad Max:… Continue reading