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VOD Review: These Final Hours (2015)

THEY FOUND IT. These Final Hours will inevitably be compared to other “End of the World” movies like 4:44 Last Day on Earth, Miracle Mile, or even Melancholia, but for… Continue reading

Before They Were Stars: Round Two!

stars from the banner above; 2 of the best actors in the world who starred in two of the worst Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequels; the stars of Mad Max before… Continue reading

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for June 2nd!

sure to click the pics to order whatever strikes your fancy. “From creator Graham Yost, each episode of the edge-of-your seat final season propels U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant)… Continue reading

VOD Reviw: Final Girl (2015)

…Bright, and Alexander Ludwig. Tyler Shields is a photographer who is famous for capturing some of the world’s most beautiful people in provocative poses; sexy, naked, bloody, violent… his work… Continue reading

VOD Review: The Last Survivors (2015)

…about a small group of humans fighting to survive in a barren, destroyed world that was filled with madmen, monsters, or worse, that fed our imaginations to no end. In… Continue reading

R.I.P. Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

two of them being Christmas themed (and he did this well into his 90’s.) He was Ian Flemming’s cousin. He was related to Robert E. Lee. He was a descendant… Continue reading

Beloved Sisters (2014)

poet and philosopher, Friedrich Schiller, and the aristocratic von Lengefeld sisters, Charlotte and Caroline. The drama, written and directed by Dominik Graf, a filmmaker with a three-decade career of TV… Continue reading

VOD Review: The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence (2015)

…straight-forward Horror flicks that made some sort of logical sense. This third, and hopefully final, entry in the gross-out series though, seems more like an in-joke that we weren’t privy… Continue reading

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for June 9th!

want to give them a look before buying them. Audio Commentary with Director Michael A. Simpson and Writer Fritz Gordon. A Tale of Two Sequels – Part One featuring new… Continue reading

The Final Girls Trailer is Finally Here!

A young woman grieving the loss of her mother, a famous scream queen from the 1980s, finds herself pulled into the world of her mom’s most famous movie…. Continue reading