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The Best of… Slasher Flicks!

a Best of list that didn’t leave some very deserving titles out in the cold. We debated, shuffled, and added and dropped titles to and from this list, until we… Continue reading

Our TV Release Dates List Has Been Updated Through October!

a Hero (HBO) and Narcos (Netflix) both look like they’re going to be excellent. September is when the TV schedule starts filling up in earnest, and although most of the… Continue reading

The Best of… Found Footage!

easy feat. We tried our best to be objective about which movies made the list, and which ones didn’t, but in the end, our personal tastes played more of a… Continue reading

The A-List

Eric Schultz, the most popular student at Lake O’Dell High School, is coerced by his guidance counselor, Sylvia Martin, into fulfilling a list of her high school fantasies… Continue reading

The Best of… Haunted House Movies!

purposes though, a “Haunted House” movie must include: A house or building of some sort. A supernatural presence haunting or residing in said building.  As far as the list itself… Continue reading

The Best of… Vampire Horror!

of high quality in its own right.  This list, and especially the Top 6 and the Honorable Mentions, could easily be rearranged, more so than any other list we’ve done… Continue reading

VOD Review: The Last Survivors (2015)

on the same engine that powered the Post-Apocalyptic action flicks of old. Except that it really plays like a solid Indie Drama more than anything else. An Indie Drama that’s… Continue reading

10 Movies For You to Watch on Mother’s Day!

a lot more. Some of the Mothers on this list are murdering psychopaths, while others are just loving Moms who are trying to do the best they can by their… Continue reading

10 of the Best (and Worst) Horror Movie Fathers of All-Time!

Father’s Day. Most of the Dads on this list are wonderful and loving, and they give everything that they have to keep their kids safe and sound. There are a… Continue reading

The Best of… Space Horror!

a bit liberal with the titles that we included on this list. Below, you’ll find a few movies that lean more towards the Sci-Fi side of things, as well as… Continue reading