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Some More Pictures from It Follows (2015)

Before we get the our review of It Follows, we wanted to take a second to share some extra images from the movie with you. Why? Because who… Continue reading

VOD Quick Review: Reckless (2015)

frame for frame), so it’s hard to say. Alice Creed has the more famous cast (with the brilliant Eddie Marsan playing one of the baddies, and sexy Gemma Arterton playing… Continue reading

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for May 5th!

Bishop who, out of his lust for Isabeau, cast the jealous spell which keeps the two lovers apart. Phillipe agrees, but the path to the Bishop is a heavily guarded… Continue reading

July’s Top Blu-ray & DVD Pre-Orders!

an American priest and a beautiful young schoolteacher uncover the unholy terror of a diabolical spell cast centuries ago. Now, it will take the ultimate sacrifice to stop the curse… Continue reading

The Ghost

…some mad shit right here. On the one hand this is a low budget actioner, with a few well known stars in the cast, of the type you would have… Continue reading

What’s New on VOD for the Week Ending 5/15?

…to watch while we’re winding down for the night… and there’s definitely no shortage of those this week. Kingsman, Loft, and Time Lapse are all $ 14.99. Everything else is… Continue reading

What’s New on VOD This Week?

nothing about. All three of them look to be solid rentals. *Click the pictures below to watch the trailers or stream the movies.  Burying the Ex: When Max learns that… Continue reading

Blu-ray Review: StageFright (1987)

…who needs clarity? “WHOOOOO DARES RESEARCH THE NIGHT OWL?!?” No matter what his motivation, the Night Owl hacks, drills, and slashes his way through the cast of the Serial Killer… Continue reading

Aloft (2014)

Directed by: Claudia LlosaCountry: Canada / Spain / others Movie Review: Claudia Llosa, the extremely gifted Peruvian filmmaker, whose previous films, “Madeinusa” and “The Milk of Sorrow”, cast some… Continue reading

Theatrical Review: Poltergeist (2015)

…rest of the cast was fine in this one too, even if their characters weren’t anything great, but Jared Harris was the best of them, by far. NICE JOB, OLD… Continue reading