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Gueros (2014)

Wave from debutant director Alonso Ruiz Palacios. With a virtuous sense of humor, Palacios, who co-wrote with Gibrán Portela (“The Golden Dream”), addresses the student youth in Mexico City through… Continue reading

The Last American Elvis

the lack of anything really happening until the couple of decent shootouts in the finale, mean one will just be waiting until the next Kari Wuhrer scene of nudity: which… Continue reading

Animals (2014)

inventive while others not really, to get the money that will be spent later on, when Jude visits their regular dealer. Arranging fake sexual encounters for Bobbie, stealing CD’s from… Continue reading

Cop Game

explosion heavy masterpiece Double Target, reached new heights of action absurdness in Cop Game. So low rent is this Italian action trash (cribbing a good deal of footage from some… Continue reading