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What’s New on VOD for the Week Ending 7/10?

There are three new titles of note hitting VOD services this week: a modern-day Crime Thriller classic from S.Korea; a Belgian Crime Thriller that looks like it might… Continue reading

The Best of… Space Horror!

There’s something about a ship full of people in deep space who find themselves set upon by some malevolent force, that makes us smile like fools. Alien started… Continue reading

What’s New on VOD This Week?

Of the three new movies of note hitting VOD this week, we’ve seen one, and read the book on which another is based. The third one we know… Continue reading

Farewell, Hannibal

It’s been a great three seasons, but tonight, Hannibal leaves us for good. To say that Hannibal pushed boundaries -both artistically, and with its crazy gory visuals- is… Continue reading

What’s New on VOD this Week? A LOT!

…horror film involving the real life story of the Soviet Union’s most violent serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo. Three Americans travel to the Ukraine to film a documentary about the cannibalism… Continue reading

The Best of… Found Footage!

The Found Footage/POV/Hand-Held/First Person sub-genre is a derisive one at best. FF flicks can be intense and terrifying, making you feel like you;’re actually watching real footage of… Continue reading

The Best of… Vampire Horror!

…life at least 170 times himself, with more surely to come), and so picking only 30 of them to represent the sub-genre as a whole was no easy task. The… Continue reading

VOD Review: Bound to Vengeance (2015)

The Rape-Revenge Sub-Genre is a tough one for us to get into. First and foremost, it’s not very entertaining to watch a woman being beaten, tortured, or raped… Continue reading

A VOD Picturebook Review: Pernicious (2015)

Pernicious is the story of three hot American dimwits who travel to Thailand for the Summer, to teach the local children. I’m not sure what they’re going to… Continue reading

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for June 16th

…this Limited Edition Digibook of all three of his Sci-fi movies is almost too good to pass up. For us, District 9 is just about as good as modern day… Continue reading