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She’s Funny That Way (2014)

Directed by: Peter BogdanovichCountry: USA Movie Review: Peter Bogdanovich, the veteran director known for admirable classics such as “Targets”, “The Last Picture Show”, “What’s Up Doc?” and “Paper… Continue reading

Amour Fou (2014)

Directed by: Jessica HausnerCountry: Austria / others Movie Review: The contemporary Austrian filmmaker and screenwriter, Jessica Hausner, gives signs of a progressively remarkable career that became more noticeable… Continue reading

Love and Mercy (2014)

Directed by: Bill PohladCountry: USA Movie Review: “Love & Mercy” is an American biopic about Brian Wilson, the genius behind the Californian surf-rock band formed in the 60’s,… Continue reading

A Second Chance (2014)

Directed by: Susanne BierCountry: Denmark Movie Review: Promising were the first scenes of “A Second Chance”, a psychological crime thriller from the Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier, who filmed… Continue reading

Jackie and Ryan (2014)

Directed by: Ami Canaan MannCountry: USA Movie Review: “Jackie and Ryan”, the third feature film from writer-director Ami Canaan Mann, ends exactly as it starts, leaning on the… Continue reading

Beloved Sisters (2014)

…poet and philosopher, Friedrich Schiller, and the aristocratic von Lengefeld sisters, Charlotte and Caroline. The drama, written and directed by Dominik Graf, a filmmaker with a three-decade career of TVContinue reading

Red Knot (2014)

Directed by: Scott CohenCountry: USA / Argentina Movie Review: Scott Cohen’s debut feature “Red Knot” doesn’t disappoint, capturing stunning images and extracting emotional heft from the drama of… Continue reading

Fort Tilden (2014)

Directed by: Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles RogersCountry: USA Movie Review: Even understanding the motives and intentions of the filmmakers who plunge into this very New Yorker microbudget mockery, I… Continue reading

In the Name of My Daughter (2014)

Directed by: Andre TechineCountry: France Movie Review: Apart from André Techiné’s “In the Name of My Daughter”, I’ve no memory of another recent film that had seduced me… Continue reading

Zero Motivation (2014)

Directed by: Talya LavieCountry: Israel Movie Review: In “Zero Motivation”, the newcomer director, Talya Lavie, sneers at a female Israeli military unit stationed in a remote base where… Continue reading