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Theatrical Review: Maggie (2015)

…drink of water in the middle of a desert. It’s just not there. Especially when you’ve had the life sucked out of you by a heartbreaking movie like this one!… Continue reading

10 Movies For You to Watch on Mother’s Day!

…kids. Either way, you have to admire their maternal instincts and their pluck. All of these ladies certainly have a lot of pluck. *Be sure to click the pics for… Continue reading

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for May 26th

…great ones all month long. May is such a thoughtful month. We love you, May. *Read on, and be sure to click the pics to order whatever strikes your fancy…. Continue reading

Theatrical Review: It Follows (2015)

…Lili Sepe, Jake Weary, and Daniel Zovatto. The best advice that I can give you when it comes to It Follows, is not to listen to all of the hype… Continue reading

VOD Review: The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence (2015)

…what anybody has to say about it, but there’s a limit to how far up your own ass you can go with the “I’m an artist!” bullshit when you make… Continue reading

Blu-ray & DVD Releases: The Digital Dread Report for May 12th!

…the pics to order whatever strikes your fancy. “Sin City’s most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more notorious inhabitants.” Even though A Dame to Kill For wasn’t… Continue reading

Theatrical Review: Ex Machina (2015)

…robot sex slave, so he may be sexist or something. At least that’s what Twitter will probably tell you. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS HOW HARD IT IS TO BE A BILLIONAIRE…. Continue reading

May’s Top Blu-ray & DVD Pre-Orders!

…in April that we are dying to get our hands on, and that we feel good about recommending to you. Don’t forget to click the pics to pre-order! “Banned in… Continue reading

VOD Review: The Drownsman (2015)

…movie. With that being said, The Drownsman is also a movie that makes very little sense. The mechanics of its own plot, or its rules, if you will, serve as… Continue reading

Import Review: When Animals Dream (2015)

…TELL YOU THAT.” Things don’t any get easier for her when she takes a job at the local fish factory, as her co-workers either stare at her like she’s some… Continue reading